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SAP Solutions

Every business is unique. With custom development, enterprises can have solutions that cater to their distinct challenges and requirements

At Evolving Application Technologies we combine years of expertise in SAP development with cutting-edge technologies to offer unparalleled solutions for businesses of all sizes. We understand the intricacies of SAP, and our team of certified developers is dedicated to harnessing its potential to drive operational efficiency and growth for our clients.

Our team of SAP-certified professionals has successfully delivered projects across various industries.

Our Services

Custom Development

Custom applications can optimize processes, reduce manual interventions, and improve productivity.

SAP Integration

Seamlessly connect SAP with your existing IT infrastructure for optimized operations.


Forms Development

Design layouts for printed documents using tools like SAPscript, SmartForms, or Adobe Forms.

FIORI UI5 Development

Fiori is SAP’s user experience (UX) approach, and UI5 is the technology behind it. It involves developing apps that provide a consistent and intuitive user experience across all SAP applications.

Workflow development

Design and implementation of business processes within the SAP environment. We build flexible and adaptable workflows to organizational changes by utilizing roles or organizational structures. 

Neptune Development

Neptune is designed for rapid development. This means you can quickly turn ideas into functional applications, which is especially useful for prototyping and agile development processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses use SAP Workflow?

To streamline business processes, improve efficiency, and ensure that tasks are handled by the appropriate person or system component at the right time.

Can workflows be executed on mobile devices?

Yes, with SAP Fiori and other mobile interfaces, users can receive, action, and monitor workflows directly from their mobile devices.

What is SAP Neptune?

SAP Neptune, also known as Neptune Software or Neptune DX Platform, provides a comprehensive solution to design, develop, and manage enterprise applications for both SAP and non-SAP systems, with a focus on user experience (UX) and modern interfaces.

How does SAP Neptune enhance the user experience?

SAP Neptune enables the creation of Fiori user experience (UX) applications, providing responsive designs that can be accessed on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Which form tool should I choose for my SAP applications?

For simple, text-based print layouts, consider SAPscript. For more complex, but non-interactive forms, SmartForms might be better. For interactive, dynamic, or web-based forms, Adobe Forms is the best choice.

What are Adobe Forms?

Adobe Forms, or SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, allow for the creation of interactive and print forms, leveraging Adobe's software to integrate with SAP.

Why custom ABAP development?

While SAP systems come with a wide range of standard functionalities, there are always unique business requirements that necessitate custom development. ABAP provides the flexibility to tailor the system to these requirements.

How does Fiori improve the SAP user experience?

Fiori offers a simplified and consistent user experience across various devices and deployment options. Its modern design principles provide a user-centric interface, making SAP software more intuitive and easy to navigate.